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I gave them a one star review before because it was the 2nd time my order was wrong out of only 3 orders I placed with them. Their food is very good. I really like their steak tacos and their guacamole is a little more expensive, but you get a decent portion and it very good too. I like that I can get the tacos with onion, cilantro, lettuce and tomato even though it costs extra. It also cost extra for the flour tortillas, but their flour tortillas are good too. They have a little something different about them that makes them taste different than the regular flour tortillas I am used to having from other restaurants.


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We work out of tax office in the Mckinley Park area and we were very happy to have ordered from here. The order placer is vegan and the taqueria was able to accommodate and even followed up with a phone call to ensure that they had the order correct. We found out that if we want something, just ask. They toasted the torta how we wanted it. Our gordita order was also accommodated by adding an additional vegetable. Our tostada, wasn't soggy. We ordered juice and these were also awesome. We will definately order from here again. Can't wait to try the nachos!!!!


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Every time I order from Taqueria San Jose the food comes much earlier than promise, which is always a good way to start. The food is solid overall. Their salsa is one of my favorites in the area. A nice medium salsa that taste freshly made. I usually get the Al Pastor burrito or tacos, and the meat is well seasoned. The rice and beans are rather mediocre, so the dinner option isn't really worth it, unless you're trying to hit the minimum. Horchata was solid. The food is very solid. The quick delivery gives it a fifth star.


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This place was very very good.. to my surprise. Lol. Only because normally, when I order Mexican, the tacos are soggy.. the food is cold, and it isn't good.

This place was different! The taco salad was out of this world.. gooey cheese over lettuce and sour cream, ground beef and beans.. really, really good!

The Nachos rocked also! And the beans and rice was fantastic! I would highly recommend this place! Oh, the food was on time if not early.. and it was piping hot! Nice delivery guy too.

Go try it! A++++


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I've ordered from here numerous times and the food is always great. I got the carne asada nachos especialessooo delicious! Hands down best nachos I've ever had. I could only eat half the order and warmed up the next day, it was still delicious! Delivery is typically earlythis place is a must try

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Everything was great packaged well and traveled excellently. Great portion sizes so i had leftovers! Even the nachos were good from the oven the next day.


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food was still warm after the long drive and was really nice

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